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Warm Up Your Winter with Burnside Apparel

Posted by May on

We're well into fall and soon to approach winter. For us Canadians, that means now is the time to properly prepare for the extreme weather conditions up ahead. That's right, it's time to pull out the big ol' puffy vests, thermal tights, toques, and those thick wool socks that gramdma made for you a few years ago.

It's a no-brainer that good quality winter clothes will keep you warm and toasty but sometimes, in order to achieve that, you may have to sacrifice a bit of "style". Moderate temperatures call for serious layering, which can be a beautiful thing; an art form even, as established in our last blog post where we give you tips on layering for fall. However, when moderate temperatures drop below zero, it's time to bring in the big guns. You may want to start wearing your thermal pants under your jeans, switching over to your puffer jackets from your wool coats, and switching over your t-shirts to long sleeves.

When layering your clothes in super cold temperatures, you want to make sure that you have an appropriate amount of layers and correspond your layers to each climate you will be in. When we think of appropriate long sleeves, we think of sweaters, 3/4 zips, and thin jersey long sleeves...But did you know that flannels can be a good alternative as well?

The perfect thing about flannels is that you can wear a t-shirt underneath and it wear it open for a more casual look. Or, you can always button up the flannel all the way for a more put-together formal look. This can serve as your "indoors" layer ensemble as flannels can easily be worn underneath heavy sweaters, as long as you have the collar properly tucked in or out!

Here are a few of our favourite flannels from Burnside Apparel. 

Burnside BR8210 Men's Woven Plaid Flannel

Burnside BR8610 Men's Quilted Flannel Jacket

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