Springtime Fitness Picks

Posted by May on 13th Mar 2018

Spring is creeping up and for most of us, such as myself, our biological clocks are freaking out and telling us to get back to the gym to achieve that summer ready body. But, how do we find that motivation? Where do we even begin? The hardest part I find is that people tend to have a difficult time re-introducing healthy habits back into their daily repertoires.

Studies have shown that people tend to feel better about themselves when they start putting in the effort to dress better. So, I’m thinking, why not put in the effort to looking nice at the gym? You’ll automatically feel better about yourself and it would also serve as a motivation to actually go to the gym. Pretty ingenious, if I do say so myself.

  1. Here are a few of my personal picks for the gym that I hope, would also inspire your healthy springtime endeavours.New to our site, we’re now carrying the GAO262 Nike Sport Backpack. This backpack has a fold-over top and buckle closure with adjustable straps, a zippered shoe compartment and multiple accessory pockets. The chic design of this bag offers the ability for it to be used than this blog post’s intentions. You can definitely use this bag for school and for work as well, it’s truly an overall fantastic bag.
  1. Ladies, let’s be honest, as much as we deny it, who doesn’t love a pair of comfortable and flattering spandex pants? Bella+Canvas offers just that. The B810 offers a contoured fit with a slightly flared leg opening for a flattering, feminine shape. This is the perfect pair of pants not only for the gym but for running errands or just relaxing around the house.
  1. Another favourite for the gents is this Nike Dry Top ½ zip seamless top. You’ll love the awesome look and comfortable feel of this shirt. It also has a nearly seamless construction, raglan sleeves with ½ zip design, and blade collar constructed with 2 layers. Maximum comfort during maximum performance.

We hope you enjoyed these picks, and hopefully inspired you to start on your health goals!