Custom T-Shirt Print with Crayons and Sand Paper

Custom T-Shirt Print with Crayons and Sand Paper

21st Apr 2021

We are back with another T-Shirt DIY! Today, we have Steph creating her own t-shirt design with crayons, sandpaper, and an iron.

Steph is using the Gildan 2000 for her t-shirt -

Here's what you need to get started!

Step 1 – Get your supplies. You will need: A t-shirt, crayons, a piece of cardboard, sandpaper, and paper towel. For this DIY, we’ve used a 100% cotton t-shirt so that the design really sticks to the t-shirt.

Step 2 – Draw your design onto the sandpaper. Be sure to press the crayon down hard while drawing to ensure your design pops.

Step 3 – Put the piece of cardboard into your shirt to protect it from getting burned.

Step 4 – Place your design face down onto your t-shirt and put a piece of paper towel on top of your design. This will protect your design from burning. You can now take your iron and press it onto your design. Be sure that your iron is hot!

Step 5 – After ironing on your design, wait 1 minute for the paper to cool down. Now, pull the piece of paper off your t-shirt slowly. Your design should now be stuck to your t-shirt!

Step 6 – To set the design, put the paper towel back on top of your design and press the iron back onto the paper towel for about 20-30 seconds.

Step 7 – Now you are done! You should have a cute, crayon design permanently on your t-shirt.

Create Your Own T-Shirt Designs With Crayon & Sandpaper T-shirt DIY