​3 Creative Shirt Ideas for Your Travels

Posted by May on 8th Aug 2019

Summer is not over yet, folks!

After careful observations from our staff members that just recently came back from holidays abroad, we have been informed of new and unique ways to utilize blanks for your summer travels. Hopefully, this will help you travel a little easier, plan a little better, and provide a you a better sleep at night.

1.Color Coordination

image source

For some inexplicable reason, group color coordination is quite common to see when travelling overseas. Some may find it tacky, but we find this ingenious! This is a popular technique adapted by families with small children, which taught us that there is no such thing as being too safe when roaming the busy summer streets of a highly tourist condensed city. Bright colours are usually chosen as a choice to not only signify unity but can be easy for the eyes to track down that missing child…….

2. Bachelorette Party Tanks Tops

image source Bells and Balloons

The amount of bachelorette party groups during the summer was quite astounding but certainly not uncommon. When we think of bachelorette parties, we usually think of it being hosted somewhere hot or tropical, so, you would then need hot weather friendly clothes. May we present to you, the official uniform for bachelorette groups: the tank top. It’s cute, convenient, and better when customized with quotes like: Bride to Be, Brides Maid, Bad & Boozy, Wife of the Party, Team Bride…etc. You get the idea!

3.Pillowcase for the Hygiene Obsessed

Having extra t-shirts can be handy when travelling, not only for when you are in need to fresh clothes but a *fresher* alternative to the inevitable. For instance, when you are faced with questionable pillows at the hotel. Uncertain about putting your face against a pillow that hundreds of others have slept on? Easy. Just slip a t-shirt over said pillow and you *should* be good for the night!