Workout Apparel |

Workout Apparel |

Posted by Steph Glandon on 7th Oct 2015

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to cost a lot.

We know buying new gear to exercise in--whether it be for yoga, running, or just a walk on a treadmill--makes you feel good. Spending a lot on that gear however, can instantly counteract those good vibes.

So how do you win?

Well, you could just continue to sweat it out in that old ratty tee you got free from a case of beer (this was obviously before your health conscious days, of course), or you could check out some of these awesome selections for under $10:

First we'll start with the least obvious choice. This t-shirt is wildly underrated, probably in part because of the lack of brand awareness. If you're not worried about the people that won't recognize your shirt, then you'll definitely have no problem rocking this tee at the gym:
The Gildan 42000 Performance T-shirt for $4.72: Made from 100% moisture-wicking, anti-microbial polyester. We know what you're thinking--Polyester? Really?
Yes. Really.
This shirt is super lightweight, breathable, and unbelievably soft. The polyester is equipped to draw moisture from the skin to the fabric's outer surface, where it is able to evaporate quickly ridding you from any unwanted sweat and odour.
Polyester is a tough fabric that will last wash after wash & continue to hold up it's shape and colour.
*Available for ladies and kids too

For those of you who want to work out in natural fibers, we have something for you too. New Balance might already have your feet covered, but they also produce some great fitness apparel for the rest of your body.
The NB4140 Combed Ring Spun T-shirt for $4.25: Say what?! Mhm, it's really that affordable. Made from 100% combed & ring spun cotton. This heavy weight cotton tee is super durable while being incredibly soft (no bacon necks here).

And now that we have your attention with New Balance, the following items are all made from high quality, lightweight moisture-wicking & antimicrobial polyester. The difference between the Ndurance line and the Gildan Performance line? The textured birdseye piqué knit mesh, which adds a level of strength and sturdiness while still feeling soft and comfortable.

The NB7118 Ndurance Athletic T-shirt for $7.47; Ladies are offered a v-neck version.
The NB7117 Ndurance Athletic Sleeveless T-shirt for $7.67: show off those sexy shoulders. You too, ladies!
The NB9138 Tempo Running Singlet for $8.38: for men and women that love a good tank.

All of the selections come equipped with heat transfer tags, which means no cutting out that annoying little white thing at the back of your neck. Nobody needs that kind of annoyance in their life.

We want to change the way you look at buying clothes. There's no need to shell out half your paycheck on clothes that aren't worth their price tag.

Remember: with us there's no rejects or defects! We only sell the newest, hottest, high-quality blank garments available. We've been in the apparel industry for decades, and over time have established beneficial relationships which allow us to offer the same low prices we receive to the general public. We're all about sharing the love!