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Why unisex tees don't please everyone: |

Posted by Steph Glandon on 17th Apr 2015

Since we've been selling t-shirts online, the best-selling, most popular tee every week running has been the Gildan 5000. I could attempt to come up with multiple reasons as to why it has been so successful, but I won't beat around the bush. It's popularity is most definitely due to it's price. 

At it's best rate, you could purchase a white Gildan 5000 for as low as $1.83 (when you buy 72 or more).
Now I'm no mathematician, but that sounds like a pretty stellar deal.

So with a price that low for some blank tees, it makes sense why so many customers use these shirts for promotions, give-aways, clubs, teams, and charity events. While admittedly they are not the most fashionable, their price is immensely attractive.
But if you're purchasing these t-shirts to showcase an image, or message, or a brand don't you want the wearer to want to wear it? Not just to the gym, or to bed, but as part as their regular wardrobe line-up for work or the weekend? As someone who personally retires poorly-fitting tees to the bottom of my pyjama drawer, it's not likely I'll take home a Gildan 5000 unless it was free (which they often are).

This is where I introduce the Gildan 5000L. With a side seam featuring a slight taper and flare, and nearly-cap sleeves, and mid-scoop neck, this tee flatters almost any woman's curves. Most of us are not built like rectangles. We do not go straight up and down. This is why we appreciate a ladies cut that flatters our unique shapes. And this is why we appreciate the givers and sellers of this t-shirt all the more--you showed you cared enough not to box us into, well, a box.

Whether you're selling them or giving them away for free, having the option to choose will produce one happy customer. While some folks like altering or cutting up their over-sized tees, some like something that will flatter and fit without the fuss. Make sure to cater to the uniqueness of the crowd. You'll both be glad you did.

To check out the Gildan 5000, click here.
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