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Why is shipping so high? |

Posted by Steph Glandon on 5th May 2015

Well...that is a question we're asked once in awhile, and let's be honest: it's not entirely factual, but rather just an opinion.

We pride ourselves on offering incredible prices to anyone & everyone (in Canada, of course). That means you don't need to be a re-seller or large company to order from us. With no order minimums, you can order 1 or you can order 100-- for next to nothing.

Inevitably, shipping charges will continue to exist when there isn't much mark-up on a product. Companies that are able to offer free shipping on smaller orders are able to do so because of their higher mark-up. They are well-established brands that know they can justify covering the cost of couriers for their customers because they can still turn a profit.

So they catch you at your weak spot: you check-out and pay the tax on the goods you've so excitedly added to the shopping cart. Nothing more; no hidden fees & no shipping. You think, "that was pricey, but at least I didn't have to pay for shipping!" But here's the catch: you did. It's incorporated right into the cost of the product (along with other things).
It's no secret, and most smart shoppers can come to this conclusion on their own. 

So next time you're looking at the shipping estimate in our shopping cart, consider what you've purchased. Yes, of course it looks high next to one or two $3 shirts. But how about next to a larger order? In that case, it becomes more justifiable and when considering most orders arrive within a couple business days, it becomes even more so. 

Remember: Orders over $500 receive free shipping. We don't even charge anything extra for next day shipping, we just ask that you have the order in before our cut-off time (11 a.m.)

We love and appreciate your continuous support. Keep it up & support our small, local business one shipping fee at a time!