Polos, polos, polos. |

Posted by Steph Glandon on 12th Oct 2015

So many choices, but too little time?
At a glance, it might be hard to make a choice on a sport shirt, but hopefully this information will guide you:
We'll start with the least expensive and work our way up.

The Gildan 2800: This one is made from 100% heavy cotton jersey knit (think Gildan 2000 with a collar and buttons). It feels and wears just like a t-shirt. The natural fibers of the cotton will make this feel like the lightest, most breathable polo in our line-up. This polo is ideal for a screen print, if you wanted to customize it. 
The Gildan 8800: Very similar to the 2800, this polo is made from lighter-weight blend of cotton and polyester (think Gildan 8000 with collar and buttons). The polyester with added DryBlend technology is great for moisture management (read: sweat). The soft, smooth texture, along with the water-wicking properties adds durability and functionality. Ideal for those real hot days, either at work, or out on the greens. Digital or screen printing works well on this polo.
The Gildan 94800: This mid-priced polo is our best-seller. It combines the best of all worlds: texture, material, & weight. The fabric is a pique knit (rougher, textured feel) made from cotton and polyester, like that of the Gildan 8800. This equates to a strong, sturdy polo that is breathable and well-equipped to handle sweat and moisture. It's popularity might also be linked to the presence of companion styles for ladies and children. Because of the texture, you'd want to avoid screen printing and head straight for embroidery on this polo.
M&O 7002: This is the heaviest polo we offer, coming in at 12 oz. Made from 100% ring spun cotton (soft, comfortable feel) and pique knit. Embroidery is best!
The Gildan 3800: Similar to the M&O version, but a bit lighter at 11 oz (which might be ideal for those real hot climates--we're talking to you Ontario!). Made from 100% cotton pique knit. Very classic! You'll want to embroider this polo as well, opposed to silk screen. 

Keep in mind that the small details like buttons and plackets can differ from polo to polo, which for some can make all the difference. It's always important to consider the environment they'll be worn in; will these be used for employees in the service industry or an occasional golfer out on the course? The polos with polyester will add durability, and come in handy when it comes to sweat and stains. The polos made from 100% cotton will feel lighter and breathe better. 

With all these polos available for under $10, it's almost hard to make a wrong choice!