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Our office |

Our office |

Posted by Steph Glandon on 22nd Aug 2014

Our t-shirt team has grown recently. In the span of a year, we've gone from 2 employees to 6 (this doesn't account for warehouse staff). This change has been overwhelming, challenging, and amazing all at once. We owe most of our success to our wonderful customers, old & new.

Because our staff has expanded, our office has too. We've recently made a move to a bigger & better space just a few blocks down. Many people in the Vancouver area are fortunate enough to have the luxury of seeing our showroom if they feel like making the short trip. Online ordering can be tricky sometimes, so if you have the chance to see our samples before you purchase, we advise you to do so (nobody likes returns!).

Our sample wall is ready to be seen--come down to 338 West 8th Ave and say hi and see the goods before you buy. We have knowledgeable staff who are ready to find the right shirt for you. *Keep in mind we do not warehouse any stock here, and therefore cannot sell you anything on the spot.

For those of you who live in other provinces and territories--we're sorry we won't be able to assist you in person. If you have plans to make a large bulk purchase, but want to see the goods before you commit to a bigger order, we have a way to help. 
If you place and pay for a small sample order in which you pay the minimum shipping of $11.95, we will leave a store credit for that amount (no more) on your account. That way you can deduct that amount from a future order to help cut costs!

We hope to help everyone we can--in person or through the virtual online world.

Thanks for all your support!