No-Sew Flowy T-shirt Vest! |

Posted by Steph Glandon on 21st May 2015

Can't decide what to do with that over-sized free tee you receive last year from that...thing...what was that thing you went to called again? Anyways...You know the shirt I'm referring to...

If you're looking for a fun way to make a virtually effortless change to your wardrobe, I've found just the thing for you!
I spend my fair share of time perusing the beautiful world of Pinterest, and try out tons of DIYs to see if they'll be a fail or a win. Well, this one is definitely a win.

Since I'm not an expert when it comes to a needle and thread, I like to focus my energy into no-sew projects that you can do at home. 

Try your hand at making this vest out of a large or XL t-shirt and hopefully you can classify it as a win as well!


  • 1 large or XL tee
  • sharp scissors
  • steady hand

Things to note:

  • The shoulders of the tee will turn into the part of the vest that hang around your neck & wrap around your back.
  • The sides of the shirt will be the flowy edges of the vest. Cut off all thick sewn hems to produce a thinner material that will naturally curl in and hide imperfections (this is purely for aesthetic reasons).
  • Cut the neck of the tee out (the circle that you'll put your arms and back through) before you cut the sides. If you need to adjust your circle, it will be harder to accurately do if the sides have been cut open. 
  • The larger the tee, the longer it will hang. You can virtually do this project for anyone, including kids/toddlers (just use a tiny child's tee)! 

Have fun & good luck!