How to Make a Watercolour Tie-Dye Design on a T-shirt |

Posted by Steph Glandon on 3rd Apr 2015

Love tie-dye, but want a DIY with way less mess & time commitment? We've got the answer for you!
With supplies you already probably have at home, you could complete with funky t-shirt design DIY in minutes!

Need to make shirts for a group that will stand out? Going to a music festival? Need to entertain some children indoors on a rainy day, or need a simple idea for a classroom art project? Press play for a short video tutorial:

Some helpful reminders/tips:

  • Use a white cotton t-shirt for colours to show up the best and brightest
  • Use the highest alcohol % that the drug store has available
  • You can set your design immediately after the alcohol has dried by placing a paper towel down and ironing over top for a couple minutes OR throw the shirt in the dryer alone for 20-30 minutes
  • Wash your shirt alone in cold water for the first time to prevent bleeding/running
  • Your design will fade. Avoid light-coloured markers, such as yellow.
  • Have fun!!!