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How to Make a T-shirt Print Using Crayons, Sandpaper, & an Iron! |

Posted by Steph Glandon on 3rd Mar 2015

Is your fridge becoming cluttered with all those drawings your child gives you? If you're looking for a way to immortalize a particular drawing, or even your own doodles, this is a perfect, simple and easy DIY you can do in a flash. The best part? It's super inexpensive, as most of the items are probably already inside your home.

We think this is a perfect idea for parents in need of entertaining some kids on a rainy indoor day, or a classroom art project!

Press play to watch the short video tutorial: 

Some helpful tips and reminders:

  • Using fine sandpaper (instead of coarse), will ensure a more concentrated design. It's also easier to draw on--which is ideal for getting the most wax as possible onto the sandpaper.
  • Remember to keep the detail simple. Complicated designs will not transfer as nicely--detail will inevitably be lost. Thick, bold lines work best.
  • Letters and numbers will not work unless they are drawn backward on the sandpaper first.
    Your image will be transferred in reverse like a mirror.
  • From our experience, brighter colours worked best and showed up more vibrantly (opposed to black, grey, and brown). Using a white shirt as a background colour will also ensure your design stands out.
  • Make sure to set the design with heat afterwards. You can use the iron again (with a paper towel), or throw it in the dryer alone for 20 minutes.
  • Wash the shirt by itself the first time to ensure colours do not run onto other clothing. Wash in cold to preserve your print.