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How Teachers Can Use Blank T-shirts |

Posted by Stephanie Glandon on 8th Sep 2016

With the new school year starting out, many teachers are once again reminded of the (possible) difficulty in creating a sense of unity among their students. I might be a biased employee, but at I think buying blanks for your class is a great way to bring them together. Here's my story:

I'm all for expressing yourself and finding your own style--I don't believe that freedom should be taken away from students. I do, however, remember feeling like quite the outcast in my younger years--because of what I wore. I was teased and taunted by my peers because my hard-working, single mother couldn't afford to dress me in the "cool" brands.
Looking back as an adult I now realize that what seemed to be a random art assignment was actually a thoughtful social experiment crafted by my caring teacher. He knew exactly what was going on. 
He purchased the class blank white t-shirts. Everyone was told to decorate the front in any way they liked (I drew flowers). The back was left open for everyone in the class to print their names on each other's shirts. One day of the month was then dedicated to wearing these shirts--together. 

Even though it was brief, things felt a bit more equal between us for that moment in time. With everyone in their tees, there was one less difference between us. 

Buying blank t-shirts for a group can:

  • bring awareness to a situation, event, or charitable cause: wear pink to take a stand against bullies or bring attention to disease or illness 
  • create a sense of unity and togetherness: team or club uniforms. Even have students vote and/or collaborate together on a logo or design. 
  • build creativity through an art project: tie-dye, painting, embellishing, etc.

The possibilities are quite endless--there is so much you can do with a blank shirt!

Many schools already have an apparel account with a supplier of their choice. Often times however there is a minimum order requirement. When teachers just want to order enough for the students in their class, (say 30 or so) they come to us.

We still offer bulk discounts on smaller sales, which helps those of us on a tight budget (that's most of us, am I right?).

Use coupon code: ZRH2H at the check-out for an additional 5% off your total. Click here for the most popular youth shirt available. 

Happy shopping!