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Heavy weight or light weight t-shirts? |

Posted by Jeff McCormack on 9th Jan 2014

When I began selling t-shirts, everyone wanted one thing: the heaviest 100% cotton t-shirt available. Often times we'd even get calls from shoppers in the U.S. asking how they could purchase our 10.1 ounce t-shirt, the  Gildan 2000. Because our standard for measuring material is done differently in Canada, people thought it was heavier than what the Gildan distributors in the U.S. were offering. Hint: it's not.

The trend nowadays has gravitated towards the purchasing of lighter weight shirts (6-9 oz) and blended cotton fabrics, like my go-to shirt the  Canvas B3413. Lighter-weight fabrics like the 8.9 oz Gildan 5000 can typically cost a bit less, putting a little extra cash in back in your pockets, and they are definitely ideal to wear in hot summer months. However, follow this golden rule if you're looking for a shirt to out-last, out-wash, and out-wear the others: choose the heaviest cotton available!

Gildan 2000 Ultra 10.1 ounce Cotton T-shirt