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Get your t-shirts on time! |

Posted by Jeff McCormack on 28th Apr 2014

Summer is here and so is event season! Without a doubt we sell more t-shirts over May, June and July than any other 3 month period during the year. This is also the time of year when our inventory can start drying up and popular styles and colours get depleted. As I suggest to my customers every year. ORDER EARLY! Many of our customers are familiar with their orders arriving in 1 to 2 days with no issues and will wait last minute to place their orders. There are many things that can go wrong (especially in the heat of the summer when staff and couriers are rushing around):

  • Items out of stock
  • You don't see our email regarding the shortage
  • Warehouse picks wrong items (they are human)
  • Order misses the cut-off and ships next day
  • Courier can't find your address
  • Courier drops off at the wrong address
  • The courier is too busy to make a delivery, so the package ends up at depot for pick-up

So take my advice, order early, sit back with a cold refreshment without a worry in world and wave at the courier.