DIY Dog Toy! |

Posted by Ranae on 10th Apr 2017

Welcome back to our Make It Mondays! 

This week we have an incredibly fun and easy DIY that will be fun for both you AND your dog! 

All you need is a t-shirt or two, and a pair of scissors! 

Let's jump in shall we?

1. Grab your t-shirt and lay it flat on a table. Take your scissors and make 1 inch cuts at the hem of the shirt, towards the collar.  Go all the way around the shirt. 


2.  Once you have made all of your cuts, you will grab a piece of the shirt and rip it up all the way to the collar.      


3. Now, rip all of the t-shirt pieces up to the collar. 

4.  Once you have ripped them all, you will need to cut them off of what is left of the shirt. 

5. Grab your scissors and cut the strips as close to the collar/sleeves as you can. 

6.  Once you are done cutting you should be left with a bunch of long, thin strips of t-shirt! 

7.  You can put the leftover collar and sleeves of the t-shirt aside, we won't be using that anymore! 

8. I personally cut the little bits of hem off of the strips to make the toy look cleaner, but you can keep them on if you want. 

9.  If you are using two different colour t-shirts than you will just repeat steps 1-8!                           


10.  If you are using one colour, or two you will move forward with the steps below.

11.  Take two of the shorter strands, for tying the toy at both ends and put those aside. 

12.  Lay all of your strands flat on the table, and tie the top of the strands with one of the extra ones you put aside. 

13. Now that you have all the strands tied together, you will need to separate the strands into three groups. 


14.  Now, you will simply braid the sections together until you get to the end of the strands.  (If you do not know how to braid: all you need to do is cross the left section over the middle, then the right over the middle and so on!) 

15. Once you are done braiding and are at the bottom of the toy, take the other smaller set aside strand and tie off the bottom like you did the top. 

16.  Now we can tidy up the toy.  Cut off any lose strands that made their way out of the braid, and cut the ends of the strands so that they are even, if you want!

AND you are done :) 

See how easy was that?!

We would love to see any photos of you and your dog playing with this t-shirt DIY! Tag us in your photos on Instagram, twitter or Facebook!

We had so much fun doing this DIY and we hope you do too.  Tug of war has never been so fun! 

Happy crafting!