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Colour Comparisons Between Brands |

14th Jun 2017

At many of our customers purchase our apparel for events, promotions, teams, charities, or re-sale. There's a lot to choose from in terms of brand, colour, fabric, and style.
All of the brands we carry are quality choices, but the higher price points typically indicate softer yarns and more fashion-oriented cuts/fits.
Sometimes your budget does not allow for you to buy a bulk quantity of BellaCanvas, but not to worry! There are several different shirts that we can offer you that are the perfect swap for when your heart is set on a certain hue. We've done the side-by-side comparisons and are confident in our findings.

If you've purchased Bella + Canvas before, you know they're the triblend experts. Their incredibly soft blends are offered in amazing colours that seem hard to top, but there are alternatives:

  • Instead of the Blue Triblend B3413, try the Heather Royal 64000. The colour is almost identical, with the Gildan offering a tad more vibrancy and richness to the blue.
  • Instead of the Green Triblend B8413, ladies should try a smaller size in the unisex Heather Irish Green 64000
  • Love the look of the White Fleck Triblend seen in several of the Bella + Canvas shirts like the B8413 or B3413? Ash Grey looks identical, and can be found in almost all Gildan shirts! Try the 5000L200064000, or the 64000L, etc. 

Need solid colours?

  • American Apparel's 2001 is an all time best-seller, but if you don't have the $, give Anvil a try with their 980. At less than $5, this super soft tee features a fashion fit and amazing colours. We're huge fans! 

Sometimes you'll find that the ladies prefer a more feminine style offered by Bella, but you're fine spending less cash on the lads (or vice versa). If you need to match different brands, here are some suggestions:

  • The B3001 is already a fantastic price, but if you need something a bit cheaper and love the Dark Grey Heather or Deep Heather colours, try the Dark Heather by Gildan offered in the soft, stylish 64000 or the 2000
  • Come across Athletic Heather in a Bella + Canvas shirt? Well, Sport Grey by Gildan looks very similar.
  • Both Royal and Charcoal by Anvil match nearly flawlessly to those same colours by Gildan.
  • Team Purple by Bella + Canvas, matches great to Gildan's Purple

At we can help you find the right shirt no matter what your budget! 

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