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100% Cotton Hoodies & Crewnecks |

19th Jan 2017

Simply put, do not exist.

Our sweaters are some of the most popular items we carry. A big, over-sized hoodie was an item that frequently went missing from the closets of men in my life--until I worked here and bought my own.
We often have people asking for a 100% cotton sweater. Because the super soft inside that we love so much is made from fleece, and fleece is made from polyester, you'd be hard-pressed to find one solely made from cotton. 
Some of the sweaters however contain a higher percentage of cotton than others--the best you'll find on our site is a 75% cotton, 25% polyester blend. The rest fall into the 50/50 category. 

Fleece shouldn't be your enemy, though. It's just as tough as cotton and adds an element of elasticity while still maintaining the original shape of the garment wash after wash. As most of you who do laundry know, cotton shrinks; polyester helps reduce shrinkage. For those of you who don't laundry--just ask your mom. She'll know.

If sweaters, whether they be zip-up, crew neck, or hoodie style, are a wardrobe staple--we recommend spending a little bit extra on something you'll get a lot of use out of. Everyone in the office owns both a B3939 and B3909. Bella + Canvas specializes in soft fabric. Our zip-ups have lasted us years now and show no sign of stopping.

And that soft fleece inside? Key.