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Fabric Snags |

Fabric Snags |

24th Oct 2017

You've just spent money on a soft, sleek, and stylish shirt only to look down and realize it has snagged. We can understand your frustration. Not all fabrics are tough--in fact many are quite fragile. Gone are the days when you could just throw everything in the wash together on a "normal" cycle, right?

Snagging happens when a thread of fabric is pulled away from the rest of the weave, resulting in a  bump, or fuzzy protrusion. If the snag is pulled too far, it can create a ripple effect on the rest of the shirt. Snags can make a new garment look old--and fast!

Many knitted or finely woven garments are unfortunately prone to snags. Snags can occur at the hand of some sharp jewelry, a jagged fingernail, a rough zipper, a pointy kitchen counter-top, or the like. Snags can even happen in a wash cycle, when a rougher garments rubs against a fragile one. 

Most athletic clothing is made from a soft birdseye knit composed of polyester and is extremely vulnerable to snags
(everyone who has worn or owned a hockey jersey can definitely attest to this tragedy).
Extra caution must be taken while wearing your favourite sports shirt--be careful not to wear rings, necklaces, or watches. It might also be helpful to wash your delicate items in a special laundry bag to prevent further damage.

If you've given up altogether on the birdseye polyester and similar fabrics, switch to the Gildan brand. 
Gildan Performance products are top-sellers in the industry for many reasons: 
1. jersey knit fabric prevents snagging
2. jersey knit fabric is so soft it feels like cotton
3. exceptional printing and sublimation ability
4. moisture-wicking properties keep you cool and dry
5. polyester fights against fading and shrinking

Make the switch that so many Canadians have already made. Try Gildan today!

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Say goodbye to snags!