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Posted by Steph on 8th Jul 2015

There's a lot of options out there, which for some could be considered a catch 22.
You want to make the best choice for your needs, but perhaps you don't have the time or energy to look at everything we carry. In a world this busy, that's perfectly understandable. 

First let's start with your budget: is it flexible, is it tight, or do you have all the funds in the world available at your disposal?(haha, yeah right...)
We have a somewhat large price range--starting from under $3 to over $10 for a "basic" tee. Gildan is the most popular brand we carry. Some might argue, but we doubt it's the low pricing alone that contributes to its popularity--Gildan makes great quality garments, cost aside.
On the other end of the price spectrum we have Bella + Canvas (which is very comparable to American Apparel), New Balance, King Fashion, and even Oakley.
In the middle range we have M&O, Anvil and Sport-T.
Higher priced garments are typically much softer, as higher thread counts are used. 

Next you have to consider your demographic: men or women? How old are they? 
Gildan carries items that any age group would like to wear--which is without a doubt another reason it is so popular; there is something for everyone. Some might like the classic, loose fit of the Gildan 5000, while some might want a fitted shirt that hugs a bit closer to the body, like the 64000. When it comes to women, it can be harder to choose--go with the Gildan 5000L if you're looking for something looser fitting, yet stylish. 
Bella + Canvas and Anvil products are typically designed with a younger audience in mind. Usually customers in their late-teens to ages 35-40 gravitate towards these brands. An older crowd might prefer the classic cuts of Gildan and M&O tees.

Lastly, what will you be doing with these shirts: are they for personal use, a group activity, a work event, staff uniforms, etc?
If you're planning on wearing these shirts for your own personal use, spend a couple extra bucks on something a bit nicer. Plain tees are timeless--why spend $30 on a blank triblend from the mall when you can buy 3 or 4 for the same price online?
If you are giving these shirts away as promotional items, Gildan, especially the 5000, is the best, and least expensive shirt for that job, with whites as low as $1.83. Perfect for printing, tye-dye, and more!
Are the shirts for a team or event that you hope people will wear again? (younger customers, epecially women might toss away a Gildan 5000 due to it's loose, baggy fit). You can still be cost effective without compromising style. Go for something like the Gildan 64000 (64000L for ladies). These are still way under $5 and are much more flattering than the over-sized cut like the one found in the 5000. 
Keep in mind fabric choice in regards to the shirts' use--polyester shirts add strength, durability, and great moisture management when worn alone or mixed with cotton. The Gildan 8000 is a tough shirt made from a 50/50 blend that will last through the years. The Gildan 42000 is 100% polyester & super light-weight and perfect for the gym and sports teams.

Always scroll down to the bottom of a product page to see any reviews that may have been posted by people who have purchased the garment--it's actually quite helpful!
*Remember: higher cost doesn't always equal a better product

If you still can't make a decision, you can always email the team at and they will guide you to right shirt!